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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finding TIme For Embroidery

Over the summer and especially over the Christmas break it can be hard to find time for stitching. Outdoor pursuits fill some of our time, family and friends may be calling or staying with you, and then we have the  garden to attend.

I myself often find the time for stitching, as I don't have the same time demands that a school term brings.  With three children at three different schools and a busy husband there is often not enough hours in the day!   I hope to have a great run shortly, completing a few designs I have made and  stitched, but not finished. Ufo's!  (think we all have them).  I hope to submit one or two for consideration towards future classes.    The deadline for this is March. 

I had an email a couple of days ago from one of ladies in Waimate who came down to learn to make a Greek Postcard a couple of months back. She wrote me a lovely note the day she was here - "Fabulous class which has opened up a whole new dimension in embroidery for me. Janine is a patient and encouraging tutor" Marilyn.  Such lovely words and I must say I feel a bit silly typing them up for my blog, but she insisted!  So as you can imagine, I was thrilled to receive her email and her photograph of her finished postcard. Clearly she has been a busy lady stitching over the warm months.  I may have mentioned before but it is always lovely to see someone finish their work.  Her stitching looks very neat and tidy. The red gives it a bit of the wow factor!  It is hard to see from a photograph but I taught them how to do some trapping in behind net and there are some beautiful shiny gold flakes in the background.  I  often think of them as golden nuggets!  Check out Marilyn's work below, I think shes done a great job!

Handiwork by Marilyn Attewell

Friday, December 17, 2010

In the last few days I have been working on my kits for the class I am taking in Wanaka next March.  (Medieval compendium.)  I was fortunate to borrow this Dmc colour chart to help with with the choices of thread.  Every kit I make is different so therefore each finished book will be individual.  It takes a lot more time and effort to do the kits this way,  but I am looking forward to seeing the finished results, so I do think it is all worth it!  After a couple of trips into town I think I have all the threads for the packs sorted.  The bundle on the table has since been sorted out and placed in the packs.  I also ordered all the eyelets and leather lacing for them and yes I went and on another trip to town  to get all the photos printed.  After Christmas the only thing left to do will be type up all the instructions - that will keep me quiet for awhile. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Countdown To Christmas Is On!

The days are quickly passing by as Christmas rolls near.  There is only ten days left until Santa comes!  Today I have found the missing camera cord which now enables me to post the pictures of the Christmas Cones we made. I have previously mentioned that at our local patchwork club we made two cones each, one for another club member and one for the children in Starship hospital over Christmas. Above is the ones we swapped with each other.  The host of our party had this lovey little treee to hang them on! 

 On to other Christmas moments now...
Lucky me, I got a lovely surprise gift in the mail on Saturday. 
 I looked out the window at the mail box and surprise surprise there was a parcel.  I wondered what it could be, as I knew I hadn't ordered anything!  
Well, what a surpise!  My kind mother had made a sent me a darling little Christmas wall-hanging.   It is styled kinda french I guess.  It has the most beautiful ribbons on it.  I love the one with the french script and also the velvet.  I believe the lace on the bottom is very old and was given to her by a kind friend.  It now takes pride of place on my wall. 
Thanks Mum!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fab day here in Oamaru!  Will quickly write this up then hopefully I will spend the rest of my time in the garden trimming hedges etc! 
Last week our Patchwork Club had the Xmas break-up party.  This year  we all swapped a Xmas cone filled with treats and also made extra ones to send to starship children's hospital.   They looked fantastic and when I find the right cord for the camera, I will post a picture of them here. 
Our club has a good group of committee ladies, and so I quickly made them  a small decoration to take home because as president I am always in need of their support!  I made them from a pattern by House On The Hill Designs!  Easy to make, I stamped onto the fabric first then sewed around edges, stuffed them and added ribbon, beads, stitches last!  I think they are supposed to look a little french!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Today I thought I would show you the gift I received from our embroidery group Xmas swap!  It's always fun to see what each other has made.  Looks like this person may have used a lovely variegated thread.  These are my favourite types of thread as  I enjoy watching the colours change as I work with them, and it adds an interesting effect to ones work.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wanaka Embroidery School 2011

Today I thought I would share a few pictures with you, of the embroidered compendium's I have been making.  They are a couple samples for a class that I will be teaching at the Wanaka Embroidery School in March next year.  It depicts a Medieval style tree, stitched and beaded.  This is all handmade, including the buttons on the front cover. It can be used for anything you like, however, it lends itself well to a photo album as it contains scrapbook paper for the pages inside.   I hope you enjoy looking at the following images!

Does anyone recognize this?
Yes, hopefully you all did.  It is the door I based my stitched profile picture on!

It can be seen down in Oamaru's Historic Precinct on Tyne Street!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Change of Mind.........

Yip, I changed my mind as we are entitled to do! 

So after beading the red dress (in previous post) I have now decided that it is not going to be entered in the red challenge and instead I will keep it for something else! So after making such a decision, you guessed it - I had to set to, and start something new, at last minute of course! With six days left I began a small project (not large like the last one) and have turned it into a postcard. It's not the best thing in the world but at least I am being supportive of the group!  Think it maybe more orange than red but oh well! 

Front Of Postcard

Back Of Postcard

At the Christmas Function each year we have to make and swap a small Christmas item.  Here's what I have made and I will post a picture to you of what I will receive in a few days!  It's all good fun!  Actually I have made a couple but this is the one I am choosing to give away.  You may recognize the cross stitch from an earlier post!

Christmas Giveaway Item (Handmade)

That's it for now,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Red Challenge! (UPDATE)

Ok, well here is the update of how I used the Red Beads and what it turned into!  Still have a tiny little bit more stitching at the top to do and then a couple of weeks to get it mounted!   I am still deciding if I will add the buttons down the side.  I am planning to put a little stamping on the background!  Limited Edition 1 of 1!  Not ever planning on making another, although cream and black would be stunning vice versa!

Below is the pic of a train in Oamaru's main street!  I think it is so fab,as it is part of the Oamaru Steampunk Exhibition!  (it comes alive at night, all lit up with a blue light and a red one inside where you can see the driver).  Note - the rocket on the side.  Great imagination.
So of course I had a look at the exhibition in the Art Gallery the other Sunday and it was just so busy in there (must be popular).  It's totally amazing what people come up with.  Oamaru is New Zealands HQ for Steampunk.   I am thinking that my next stitching may head down the steampunk theme!  I went off  home so excited and full of idea's after having looking around.   

Prehaps my mannequin above needs steampunked!

Do you think a few recycled bits around her middle?


Friday, November 5, 2010

Five Ladies in the Car!

I just had four ladies from Waimate and 1 lady from Timaru to learn to make themselves a Greek Postcard!
They were all delightful and I am so annoyed that I forgot to take a picture of them all!  I even had the camera out waiting... you should have reminded me girls!  Good effort with your stitching anyway, and when they are finished I want you to send me a picture so I can post it here!   I am so cross with my self that I forgot!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Still seeing red!

As I am working away with my red beads I decided to grab my camera and run around the house (random I know) looking for anything that is red - this is what I found...

Looking down on the tulips! Think they would look great as a painting!
The red brayer I used for painting the canvas background that I am still beading on.

Washing - how boring!

Cross-stitch, not sure what its for!

Hows that for a boring post!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Red Challenge!

In our local embroidery guild, the President has set a challenge to be completed for our AGM, that is quickly coming up in November.  This year the piece just has to be quite simply Red!  This is because the local guild here "North Otago" is turning 40 (Ruby celebration) next March!

I have been pondering over this all year and have just recently decided what I am going to do!  I begun my piece about a week ago so will share with you some progress pics.

at the beginning(gotta start somewhere)

phew! got a tiny bit done!
 I am not going to give away what it is just yet - but will say that it will be approximately 24" long and 9" wide.  I hope to get it finished on time, so will endeavour to share pics of the finished article then. 

Times flying!!!!! BETTER GET BACK TO THE BEADING!!!!!!!!!! ......keep watching this space.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bayevx Tapestry

Last week I stitched up a very small picture from the border of the Bayevx Tapestry. It is very small so don't get too excited!  (didn't take to long either!)

The Bayevx Tapestry is an orginal work made in the 11th century and depicts the the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England as well as the events of the invasion itself. The tapestry is annotated in Latin. It is exhibited in a special museum in Bayevx, Normandy and one day I would love to get the chance to see it!  I brought a copy of this book (seen below) at a cute, two storied book store in Melbourne last October.  From memory the book store was called "The House On Hill" book shop, and if you ever get the chance to go there, its a great store to check out!  I also should find the time to check out the 1/2 scale replica made using hundreds of thousands of small pieces of steel by Michael Linton of Geraldine.  I believe it took about 20 years to complete!
 Anyway here is my very small adaption of a very small part of the border which is on one of the pages in this book.  I have turned my piece into a small diary for 2011.  I laced it with a twisted cord  which can be undone, to enable the pages to be reasembled for other years.  I used the Bayevx stitch which does not use much thread across the back of the fabric, and as you will see I have not done it original because I have changed the colours!

Google it! - There is loads of pictures, video clips and information!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This is an update from the post I sent in on 26th April.  The background fabric is silk and I just added a few beads, used some silk thread to make a few french knots and have added some silk ribbon.  Still unsure how it will be finished....maybe a book?????



I love this time of year when the garden suddenly bursts into life!  It creates a bit of work gardening, but the rewards are so worth it!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I would share a few pics I just took - before the weather turns to crap this afternoon.  It's surposed to rain, and possibly snow to low levels.  I hope not as I am travelling in a couple of days and  have to drive over the Lindis Pass!! It has to be open as I am going to a fundraiser for embroidery in Queenstown!
Anyway back to Spring - I say "Bring On The Warm Weather" - we are sick of rain!  Isn't the new growth on roses so fresh and fun to watch grow!


Thursday, September 9, 2010


A COUPLE MORE GREEK POSTCARDS: Below are some more examples of the postcards I taught at Wanaka last March.  They measure 4" by 6".  They are hand embroidered, embellished with beads and Swarovski crystals and are completed with a printed postcard backing.

Just a quick note

My thoughts are with all the people of Christchurch who are dealing with the aftermath of the big earthquake which hit last Saturday.

Anyway it's a cold, horrid day here, and I am off to art classes this afternoon, great day for playing with crayons.  I feel rather guilty doing art when there are those up the road who have lost their homes, businesses etc. 
On a brighter note I will hopefully get around to taking some pictures of the things I have been working  on and load them to this blog.

Check back soon if you have time,


The Inspired Room | Inspiration for creating a beautiful home and life on a budget

The Inspired Room Inspiration for creating a beautiful home and life on a budget

Monday, April 26, 2010

Over the weekend I..........

I have had a little play with some silk, stamps and metal.  The pictures show you where I am at! What will I do with it???????????

watch this space................

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wow! It worked! Here is the third picture from the set of three. The other two pictures are in the previous posts! Enjoy!

Hi there,

This is all new to me, but today I thought it is time to give it a go, so Iam starting by showing you a picture of my embroidered postcards. I taught a class making these not so long ago. This one is from a set of three. I am not sure exactly how to add extra pictures - something to work on I guess. Here goes I am about to send my first post! Hope someone finds it out there................