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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finding TIme For Embroidery

Over the summer and especially over the Christmas break it can be hard to find time for stitching. Outdoor pursuits fill some of our time, family and friends may be calling or staying with you, and then we have the  garden to attend.

I myself often find the time for stitching, as I don't have the same time demands that a school term brings.  With three children at three different schools and a busy husband there is often not enough hours in the day!   I hope to have a great run shortly, completing a few designs I have made and  stitched, but not finished. Ufo's!  (think we all have them).  I hope to submit one or two for consideration towards future classes.    The deadline for this is March. 

I had an email a couple of days ago from one of ladies in Waimate who came down to learn to make a Greek Postcard a couple of months back. She wrote me a lovely note the day she was here - "Fabulous class which has opened up a whole new dimension in embroidery for me. Janine is a patient and encouraging tutor" Marilyn.  Such lovely words and I must say I feel a bit silly typing them up for my blog, but she insisted!  So as you can imagine, I was thrilled to receive her email and her photograph of her finished postcard. Clearly she has been a busy lady stitching over the warm months.  I may have mentioned before but it is always lovely to see someone finish their work.  Her stitching looks very neat and tidy. The red gives it a bit of the wow factor!  It is hard to see from a photograph but I taught them how to do some trapping in behind net and there are some beautiful shiny gold flakes in the background.  I  often think of them as golden nuggets!  Check out Marilyn's work below, I think shes done a great job!

Handiwork by Marilyn Attewell

Friday, December 17, 2010

In the last few days I have been working on my kits for the class I am taking in Wanaka next March.  (Medieval compendium.)  I was fortunate to borrow this Dmc colour chart to help with with the choices of thread.  Every kit I make is different so therefore each finished book will be individual.  It takes a lot more time and effort to do the kits this way,  but I am looking forward to seeing the finished results, so I do think it is all worth it!  After a couple of trips into town I think I have all the threads for the packs sorted.  The bundle on the table has since been sorted out and placed in the packs.  I also ordered all the eyelets and leather lacing for them and yes I went and on another trip to town  to get all the photos printed.  After Christmas the only thing left to do will be type up all the instructions - that will keep me quiet for awhile. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Countdown To Christmas Is On!

The days are quickly passing by as Christmas rolls near.  There is only ten days left until Santa comes!  Today I have found the missing camera cord which now enables me to post the pictures of the Christmas Cones we made. I have previously mentioned that at our local patchwork club we made two cones each, one for another club member and one for the children in Starship hospital over Christmas. Above is the ones we swapped with each other.  The host of our party had this lovey little treee to hang them on! 

 On to other Christmas moments now...
Lucky me, I got a lovely surprise gift in the mail on Saturday. 
 I looked out the window at the mail box and surprise surprise there was a parcel.  I wondered what it could be, as I knew I hadn't ordered anything!  
Well, what a surpise!  My kind mother had made a sent me a darling little Christmas wall-hanging.   It is styled kinda french I guess.  It has the most beautiful ribbons on it.  I love the one with the french script and also the velvet.  I believe the lace on the bottom is very old and was given to her by a kind friend.  It now takes pride of place on my wall. 
Thanks Mum!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fab day here in Oamaru!  Will quickly write this up then hopefully I will spend the rest of my time in the garden trimming hedges etc! 
Last week our Patchwork Club had the Xmas break-up party.  This year  we all swapped a Xmas cone filled with treats and also made extra ones to send to starship children's hospital.   They looked fantastic and when I find the right cord for the camera, I will post a picture of them here. 
Our club has a good group of committee ladies, and so I quickly made them  a small decoration to take home because as president I am always in need of their support!  I made them from a pattern by House On The Hill Designs!  Easy to make, I stamped onto the fabric first then sewed around edges, stuffed them and added ribbon, beads, stitches last!  I think they are supposed to look a little french!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Today I thought I would show you the gift I received from our embroidery group Xmas swap!  It's always fun to see what each other has made.  Looks like this person may have used a lovely variegated thread.  These are my favourite types of thread as  I enjoy watching the colours change as I work with them, and it adds an interesting effect to ones work.