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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Awesome Read!

Photo Update!  Still  stitching away...!

I have just finished reading the latest release by Ken Follett.  I thoroughly enjoyed the read, but didn't think it was as great as my 'expectations' required.  However in saying that,  it takes a 'hell-of-a-lot' (in my opinion)  to better  'Pillar's Of The Earth'.  (My family and I have spent the last week glued to the Mini Series of Pillar's on DVD) and it was fantastic!!!!

Another great read is the book a friend loaned me recently, hence the pic below and yes,  it was totally awesome!  If you are looking for a good read check it out, not Pillars, but great in it's own way! - Title: To My Daughter in France...  by Barbara and Stephanie Keating

Can't say to much (tears likely) you should give it a go! Very moving!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Out & About

When in Timaru  at Caroline Bay recently I spied this! 
The blue sky in the background was perfect on this day!

The family spent their time in other ways - doing this!

One ride means lots of rides!
Better to look at the art work around the rose garden i think!
  Better for the my tummy as well!

One very prickly rose, the name is below!

I don't think I would be overly popular if I purchased a rose like this.
Guess I would have to do the pruning!

I enjoyed the day out, and I think they did too!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Individual ideas!

Some of you may be interested in seeing this picture of yet another finished Greek picture.  The lady who did this piece used it on a vest.   She has set it into the back!  Great idea! It is a brave person in my opinion who wears their art.  I have seen this lady wearing her vest and it looked fantastic!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sneek Peek!

A quick peek at what I am currently working on! Sorry can't divulge much of this at this stage!

Colour surprise!

A quick update for you all today - Whilst away collecting my children from their Nana's,  I  had one of my steampuck pictures for the local art gallery framed. I have to wait until I can get it back to my side of the Island but am really looking forward to seeing how it looks.  My plan was to have it simply framed, in cream, but nothing ever is that easy!  Not one of the cream shades worked, as they all appeared to lemon in colour when held against the artwork.   The decision was made to go for a slate shade, as it really was the only one that worked.  The artwork spoke on that occasion!
I promise to take a picture of it to show you when  it returns.

Back to the present:- I have received another email of a finished piece of work from the ladies in Waimate!  This one is made by Janice and she has used the same pattern as Marilyn.  It is obvious how different the two pieces are!  Yet again the use of colour dictates to us!

Marilyn & Janice's Greek Postcards

Janice's Postcard
I think they have done a superb job of the photography! Very professional!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Medieval Journal (the beginning)

This journal was made February 2010.  I made it for the exhibition hosted by Christoper Robin Quilts which is held in conjunction with the Wanaka Embroidery School.  It is where the class at Wanaka this year has evolved from. 
 Quite simply the brief was to make anything you liked under the theme 'Blue'.  I sat and stitched the tree while I was on holiday.  I was not sure what I was intending to make, but once I returned home it all fell into place.  I dived into the cupboards in the garage where I keep all sorts of treasures.  Out came the hand dyed wool felt.  Perfect! I will use that for the cover of a book. I rummaged some more and  found a small piece of  cream silk habotai which I then painted.  I made a sheet of fabric paper and painted  some watercolor  paper  to use as pages.  I found a book which taught me how to make signatures and stitched these up into the binding.  I used the silk on the spine and as some embellishments on the pages.  I handmade the buttons and the fleur-de-lis on the spine.  A twisted cord was added as a book mark and any other left over scraps where added to give interest to the pages.  Along the journey I realised that my piece was not particularly looking very blue,  so hence this is why the watercolour pages got painted that colour. 

I must say creating journals is perhaps one of my favourite things to do.  I love the finished result they give and that tactile feeling when looking through, and along with this there is also the anticipation of what is yet to come as each page is turned.

 I have added a lot of photos for you to look at!  It took a while to make and I hope you enjoy the the visual journey you are about to have!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Don't you think this boxes are fabulous! 
 Lucky me as I got these from Mum for Christmas.
  I thought I would share them with you, and show how I have used them!
Good place for storing all my stamps etc.
One of the quilt's I made last year that sits on the back of my chair!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shopping, Painting & Steampunk

This morning as I woke I had an amazing idea (well I think so anyway).  Two new things for me to make up, which is fantastic as I have not had a creative moment like that in ages! Sorry but I  can't tell you what they are yet, but I mentioned in the last post that I needed to come up with some things by March to submit for teaching.  So I am felling really happy that I am on to it!

Now I will tell you about yesterday.  Amazing as it was, I managed to get the husband to go into town with me.  I have been after a sheet of Mdf for a few months, and being daft I was unsure how to go about buying it. (Silly I know).  However felling brave having the hubby with me, I told the guy what I wanted and ... it really was not such a big deal  after all.  The only trouble being that it was far to big to fit in my little Mazda.  Never mind I sorted that out, as I got him to saw it up into three pieces (don't think he was happy about having to do that)  then I zoomed on home with it.  "This could have been done months ago" I said to myself, but now I have it!  I still need one piece cut to size so I can lace my beaded red dress (previous post) but am happy with the other bits the hubby cut up for me.  I glued a piece of canvas to one of the squares we cut, and have painted a background this morning.  I am feeling keen to try a painting on it, but you may not get to see it, especially if it looks crap!  Who knows but you gotta  try ah!

I painted in the background with a mid tone acrylic paint.  Once that dried I mixed a couple of oils together to get the desired colour.  The oil got painted on  and then I got the hubby's linseed oil (nothing's safe in his garage when I am around) and rubbed it into a rag and pulled it through the oil paint to get a smugged background.  I saw this done on t.v except they used motor oil!  So that's the easy bit done!  I just need to wait a day or so for it to dry.

I also thought today I would update you on the Steampunk idea.  As you may recall I had gone to the steampunk exhibition and returned home all enthused!   A year previous I had made a silk bag for the exhibition called 'Fabric Of Time' which had a penny farthing bike with a clock as the rear wheel. 

Anyway this I thought I could re-make in a more steampunk sort of way.  Around the same time I had a phone call from  the lady who runs the Whiskey Art Gallery and she was wanting to know if I had any works to sell in the gallery.   I went and spoke with her and  have since been busy getting some pieces done.  I will show you the first one and over the last few days I have painted up some more backgrounds to embroider on. These are going to be one off works and I need to get them framed for selling,  so will be a wee while yet before they are for sale.   Sorry the photo is a bit distant but click on it to enlarge!