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Monday, April 11, 2011

Flower Power

Another little postcard for you all to see today.  This one is a medieval flower in a pot!  It is being entered in the Southern Regional Exhibition, not much else I can say about it really.  The back I made out of some more of my stash of fabric paper.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Compendium Cover ............

How exciting it is getting emails from people who took the Medieval Class in Wanaka.  I checked my inbox about an hour ago and woohoo - there was a picture of an album cover  made by Nicola James from Australia!  Isn't it cool! Love her twisted cord, it looks really chunky and thick.  My opinion is that her tree trunk has good movement, infact it looks quite spooky!

What do you all think?

 If you can't reply to the blog send me an email and I will add your comment, if you wish (please specify if you want it added), in another post!

Hope everyone else is getting along fine with theirs!

Cover by Nicola James

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Rowan Tree in Autumn

Above is the latest Medieval tree I have embroidered.

This one I made for the exhibition at Christopher Robyn’s Shop in Wanaka.  The theme was Autumn.  I really struggled with the title this year.  I just could not find anything that I really wanted to make that fitted the theme - therefore when it finally came to me, I only had a couple of weeks to work it!  That's typical of me, I think I work better under pressure! It makes me get it done anyway and stops me mucking about!

  The photo is not very true to colour (took on a blue tinge from the flash) so will post a better one when I receive it back.  I used leather and some copper metals which are hard to see in this picture.  I stitched the leaves in a fine thread using chain stitch on a batik background.  Long and short stitch up the tree trunk and branches.  I then finished it off with the berries, made with a  large bead simply sitting on a sequin.  It  has been made into a cushion, which will look superb on my antique chair.

Look forward to it coming home in a few weeks!