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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taking Off On Holiday

Tomorrow morning bright and early my hubby and I will be up and off 6.00am.  We are heading about as far away on holiday as you can get.  Greece, Turkey and Italy.  I am all packed and ready to go and feeling nervous and excited!  Do hope the Riots in Athens calm down.

As I am typing I have just seen last summers walking group trek past my house, which makes me feel lazy, but guess I will get my far share of walking in on our trip.  Did not see my friend amongst them - and she did say she would participate while I was away, hope she reads this! - but then perhaps it was the slower group that went past! - wondering..........

Any how my plan is to hopefully add a few holiday snaps to this site whilst away and hopefully I can add a few sights that inspire me!

 Stay tuned in!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last weekend I flew up to Nelson to teach how to make Greek Postcards. I was billeted out and really enjoyed my time with my hosts! Here are some work in progress pictures to show you what the students achieved over the two days! As you can see they are all different, everyone has their own style.