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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Bees & The Birds?

No today it's about the Cat and the Bird's.  The theme today seems to be the birds, the cat just popped in and made her appearance. See below!

Mmm Delicious!

The smell in the kitchen today is yip - Mum's cooking and baking!  I have to say I have just finished making a delicious rubarb and raspberry pie - with homemade pastry. Pure comfort food for another winters night.  We also all enjoyed a delicious tuscan soup for lunch, which the boys enjoyed after a chilly morning at Rugby! While I got busy!

(Think it will taste better than it looks!)

I have been rather busy of late working full-time etc.  However Saturdays normally finds me busy sewing or embroidering a little something and having a great time experimenting with bits n bobs. Today I have had a play with scaps of fabric and have made a name badge for next week when I    am teaching at the National Embrodiers Conference. 
My kits are all finished which is such a relief. There is loads in them so I really hope the ladies like what the get as they are all different. I guess I will find out next Monday.

As you can see this birdee needs some more work.  I think he needs a wing and an eye and prehaps a few beads!
Then I decided to start filling in some names of a few favourite movies into one of my  albums I am teaching next week. As you will see so far they are all romantic ones  - ah theres nothing like a good movie!

 In my photo seasion I found the cat sleeping happily right beside my sewing table!

So you see I mentioned she would appear - I wonder what she was dreaming about? birdees ....

Next I will show you a little something that has slowly started evolving over the last week. I just keep adding more stitches as I feel like it. I spotted a nice turquiose velvet ribbon in a shop down town so will be adding that next week. It is going to end up being a roll of some sort but not sure just yet! 

Note the birds on the ribbon!

Better head back to the kitchen and get the dinner on!
Take care and keep warm!