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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Perfumed Albums - Class progress

 As promised ladies here is the group photo.  Unfortunately one lady had to leave earlier in the day and I missed the chance to get you all! As a reminder here is the picture of what everyone was making.  The choice was out of the two pictured below and then to stitch them to create an album all of your own!

  A great lot of progress was made and just a few finishing touches needed to complete.  A few beaded borders or twisted cords around the layers and a really nice binding at the side.  Tags were being made which just need a zap on the sewing machine back at home.  Well done to everyone not much left to go now. What we can't see from the photos is how thick and beautiful the pages are. I hope they get some great use in times to come! I hope they don't forget to spray their favourite perfume on a tag and give the album a lovely smell!

Work in progress! An Egyptian touch I think!
Decisions over buttons, nice cord emerging!

Contemplating Beads!

Layering Up! Tackled making metal embellishment!

Adding Beads, nice side buttons.

Awesome earring as centrepiece!
Can clearly see the end result is near!
A few tags appearing and the quilted background as required! A beaded edge around the silk would be great and a chunky cord around the velvet.