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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Making progress! I have decided that she is going to be a Medieval Princess/Queen?  This is so that I can add to my collection of other Medieval inspired work.  I have now completed her hair using bullion knots, satin stitch french knots and woven wheels.  I had stitched her directly onto the background I intended to use but it slightly puckered.  So I cut her off it and stitched it under. 
This made me question my chosen background and so now I am contemplating other choices.  You can see that I have randomly placed her down on a few fabrics. 
However I think that I may create my own background to give a more textured look.  I am also thinking of changing the dress. 
She looks unfinished at the moment as she needs a few jewels, maybe a crown if she becomes a Queen. 

The last picture above shows a a textured background.  I am thinking of going down this track with some fabric paper and maybe colouring it dark perhaps into the black and golds with a velvet dress.
More choices and decision's to make!


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