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Sunday, September 9, 2012


I would be fair to say I like to have a few things on the go!  I switch back and forth and then have a season once a year or so when a lot of thing get finished.

While I was in Ashburton on the stitching weekend mentioned in my last post,  I purchased a few fabrics to start a new quilt.  The light one is for a background.

The face below is one I am experimenting with.  I used pelmet vilene cut into an oval shape which I then covered with a light batik fabric.  I then got out some oil paints and painted on the face.  Now I have to decide where and how I am going to use her.  I am thinking of stamping  a fabric background to apply her to.  Then I will clothe embroider some hair (which she desperately needs) to bring her to life.  Her ears will not be very visible and she needs some curls or something down the side of her face where you can see I have pricked her with a pin.  It left a noticeable hole in the oil paint! I had thought to attach her to my Sue Spargo tree, but she didn't want to go there!

Maybe she needs a hat?
What colour hair?
Which era is she from?
She is a lot of fun to make!


  1. gosh, we must have similar minds Janine, I have been experimenting in a similar way, later tonight when I get a chance I will do a post and you can see!! I started mine way back in March when I went to Tauranga for Michelle Hill's workshop, and needed sommat to do en route!!!

  2. Sounds interesting, looking forward to your post!!